Teddy Teething Troubles and the McThunderbird

Many thanks to all those who turned up for a trip with D9521 today. Our apologies for the first trip being caped. Unfortunately D9521 experienced further problems with a sticking reverser, as experienced at the GWR175 weekend. The owners had thought the issue was sorted, so D5310 was scrambled to work the 12:00 servive while further investigations were carried out. Our 2010 fleet stalwart is shown with visiting GWR 4-6-0 No 4953 “Pitchford Hall“. Phot by Dave D.

Team Ted traced the fault to a misbehaving locking pin while 5310 was out entertaining the punters and Simon Durant in the workshop kindly machined it down to the right size in time for 9521 to successfully work the 14:00 and 16:00 services. Below we see the 14 at Deeside Halt. Thanks to Pete C for the shot. 

I’m getting reports that Paxman Ventura thrash sounds most impressive in Berwyn Tunnel, bring on the Gala!

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One Response to Teddy Teething Troubles and the McThunderbird

  1. austin d9521 says:

    many thanks for help on sat simon + sigman / pilotman at llan goods for allowing test runs on shed rd.