2023 Diesel Running Update

Please note that our site is no longer being updated regularly, but here is a brief update on 2023 running dates:

We are delighted to welcome Class 25 D7659 for a 2 month stay from July 18th to September18th courtesy of the Waterman Railway Heritage Trust.

Friday 28th & Saturday 29th JulyClass 25 D7659 debut (B timetable with steam).

On all B diagrams, the 25 works the 12:05 and 14:35 ex-Llan services.


Friday 4th (A timetable)

Saturday 5th August (B timetable with steam)

Saturday 12th August (B timetable with steam)

Saturday 19th August (B timetable with steam)

Friday 25th (A timetable)

Saturday 26th (B timetable with steam)


Friday 1st September (A timetable)

Saturday 2nd September (A timetable)

All non-gala turns (except 30th September) are currently rostered for Class 25 No D7659, subject to availability. 31271 will be standby, once a traction motor blower brush (the awkward one underneath the motor!) has been replaced.

Friday 15th-Sunday 17th September. Diesel Gala

This will see an A timetable on the 15th and then a 3 trains service on the 16th & 17th. Class 25 D7659, Class 31271 and Class 47 1566 should all be in traffic, subject to availability. Engine repairs to Class 26 5310 continue, with all heads, pistons and liners now. The 26 is expected to return to traffic before the end of the year.

Saturday 30th September. TBC

For 2024, regular updates about diesel running will be available on the LR website (including the new Member’s area for those who join the Llangollen Railway Trust) and also can also be found on the Llangollen Diesel Group and Unofficial Llangollen Railway Facebook pages.

Driver Experience Days are also now available again. Please visit here for more information and dates.

If you have any other queries or questions you can contact me at Press@llangollen-railway.co.uk.

Terry Pickthall, Head of Diesel Department, Llangollen Railway

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2022 Diesel Weekend

Our 2002 Diesel Weekend is taking place between Friday 2nd and Sunday 4th September. Friday will see Class 26 5310 working a 3 train A timetable service. Saturday and Sunday has a special event timetable in place, with 3 trains working. Full details, tickets and a timetable can be found on the Llangollen Railway website (https://llangollen-railway.co.uk/diesel-weekend-event/).

May be an image of train, railway and text that says "DIESEL WEEKEND 3RD & 4TH SEPTEMBER 2022 LLANGOLLEN RAILWAY Return to the halcyon era of British Rail diesel-hauled trains that ran on the rail network between the 1960's and 1990's BOOK TICKETS ONLINE AT WWW.LLANGOLLEN-RAILWAY.CO.UK"
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2022 Llangollen Diesel Running Dates

We are delighted to announce some 33 running days for 2022, the most intensive scheduled working of our fleet for many years. 5310, 31271 and 1566 are all expected to be in use throughout the season (subject to usual caveats). Other than Classic Transport and Diesel Weekends all dates will see one diesel loco in use, as either a one train working or two-train with DMU or steam. Timetables and advanced tickets available at www.llangollen-railway.co.uk. Ticket purchases also available from station booking offices. Rover fares should be available. Running to Corwen expected from summer onwards.

Running Dates are as follows:

April: 23/24 (1566 & 31271)

May: 7/8 (5310), 14/15 (31271), 22 (5310), 28/29 (1566)

June: 11/12, 25/26

July: 2/3 (Classic Transport Weekend), 9/10, 16/17, 23/24

August: 6/7, 13/14, 20/21, 27/28

September: 2-4 (Diesel Weekend), 10/11

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Additional Autumn Running Days

Thanks to everyone who has supported our diesel running in September and October. All 3 machines have managed to see some use, with 1566 also joining in on the 3rd of October.

Due to work on GWR 2-8-0 No 3802 at Carnforth taking a little longer than expected, we have another impromptu diesel October diesel weekend ahead at the Llangollen Railway. This will see A1A Locomotives Limited’s superb Class 31 No 31271 in use on both Friday 29th and Saturday 30th October and LDG-owned 1959-built Sulzer Type 2 Class 26 5310 on Sunday. The 104/108 hybrid DMU will also be out on Saturday and Sunday.

08195 will also work a new Llan-Berwyn Shuttle on Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st, hauling an LNER pigeon van brake, a covered, seated open wagon and a toad brake van for the crew. Shuttles depart Llan at 10:55, 12:25, 13:40 and 15:50, offering a shorter journey and the chance to sample something a little different. Day rover tickets are valid on this working and cheaper shuttle-only tickets are also available for those just after some rare(ish) rod haulage!

Timetable and ticket details (including online booking) is now available at the LR’s revamped website – https://llangollen-railway.co.uk/.

May be an image of train and railway
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Autumn Diesel Operation

Traction for October 8th: 5310, 9th: 31271 & 10th: 5310. 29th October is 31271 – with two additional dates on 30th and 31st – see above.

Traction for Saturday 2nd October: 5310. Sunday 3rd October: 1566. It was a successful weekend with 1566 performing well and making a very welcome return.

May be an image of train and railway
1566 at Carrog. Photo by Rhys Lloyd.

Llangollen TMD is seen below on the evening of the 29th September, with all 3 machines present. 1566 received fuel (thankfully nobody panic fuelled all the others and the Gronk!) and a short proving run to Glyndyfrdwy and back. All should be well for 47 haulage on Sunday 3rd October. 5310 will be in use on Saturday 2nd October. 31271 will be out again in October – watch this space. YE 0-4-0 shunter Pilkington is also back in business following fuel pump failure. Photo by Matt Davies

May be an image of outdoors

31271 made a welcome return on Sunday 26th September. It was great to hear some EE noise around the valley again. 5310 worked Saturday’s services. A huge thanks to the team at A1A Locomotives Ltd, who attended to support both the operation and running day. One of their roadshow also kindly paid for the loco’s hire fee for the day. The hybrid 108/104 DMU was also in use on both days, with it’s blue and green cars and classic loud 104 exhaust rasp it also proved popular.

May be an image of train, railway and text that says "LLANGOLLEN LANGOLLEN 31271"
31271 runs round at Llangollen, 2nd October. Photo by David Course.

Timetables for Weekday & Weekend Operation:

May be an image of text that says "LLANGOLLEN RAILWAY TIMETABLE WEEKDAYS ANGOLLENRAIWAY Llangollen Berwyn Glyndyfrdwy Carrog d d d 10 1100 1109 09 1121 11 31 12:50 12.59 1313 1323 1533 15 13 Carrog Glyndyfrdwy frdwy Berwyn Llang gollen d d d 1150 12:00 12:12 1221 1350 50 1400 1412 1421 1605 15 16 27 16 36 Full Line Return prices £19 Adults, €10 Children, £17 Seniors. Single tickets and Day Rovers are also available. Enquire at our booking offices or through our Facebook page."
May be an image of text that says "LLANGOLLEN RAILWAY TIMETABLE WEEKENDS ANGOTALWAT Liang gollen Berwyn Glyndyfrdwy Carrog d d d Diesel 10 30 39 1053 11.02 DMU 12.00 1214 12.26 1236 Diesel 13.00 13.09 1321 13.31 Diesel 15 15 1524 DMU 1430 1439 1451 1501 d d Carrog Glyndyfrdwy Berwyn Lian ollen 1132 1142 1154 1406 1315 13.25 1337 1346 16 15 1426 1441 1540 1552 1601 1637 16 Services marked DMU' will be operated by heritage railcar, Full Line Return prices £19 Adults, €10 Children, £17 Seniors. Single tickets and Day Rovers are also available. Enquire at our booking offices or through our Facebook page."
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5310 and 31271 make welcome returns!

GEN UPDATE: 5310 will haul Saturday 25th September’s workings, 31271 will haul trains on Sunday 26th September. All services are expected to run with the LR’s superb suburban coaches. Diesel haulage is also scheduled for 2nd, 3rd, 8th 9th, 10th and 29th October. Traction for October dates to be confirmed.

5310 ran well with 5 suburban coaches on both Friday 10th and 17th September, the 10th marking the first scheduled diesel-hauled train under under LR Trust operation. A big thanks to everyone who supported us in getting there! She is seen in Wendy Bailey’s photo below arriving at Glyndyfrdwy on Friday 17th September and nicely framed by the signalling.

May be an image of train and railway
5310 arrives at Glyndyfrdwy, Friday 17th September. Photo by Wendy Bailey.

31271 was run up, tested and passed as fit for traffic on the 10th of September, taking a short freight train to Pentrefelin and back. 271 will be in use on Sunday 26th September.

May be an image of train, railway and text that says "N 271"
31271 at Pentrefelin, 10th September 2021. Photo by Tez Pickthall.
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September Update – LR diesel-haulage returns!

We are delighted to announce that diesel-hauled trains will be running at Llangollen in September. 5310 will work 3 trips Llangollen-Carrog on Friday 10th September.

Diesel-hauled trains are also expected to operate on Friday 17th September, Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th September, Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd October, Friday 8th-Sunday 10th October and Friday 29th October.

Each day should see 3 trips, with the diesel diagram leaving Llan at 10:30, 13:00 and 15:15 on weekends (with a DMU also out for 2 trips) and 11, 12:50 & 15:10 on weekdays (one train in service).

It’s certainly been a very challenging 6 months since the last update to our website. Without going into too much detail about what has gone on across the railway, which is well documented elsewhere, the good news is that the Llangollen Railway Trust have been successful in acquiring the necessary assets and permissions to to take over the railway and operate trains again. After a lot of hard and challenging work through the spring and early summer, a DMU shuttle service to Berwyn marked the start of LR Trust operations on 8th July. The railway reopened to Glyndyfrdwy and Carrog with steam operation restarting on the 21st of August.

With two of the most active members of our Group heavily involved in getting the railway back into operation (one has become Trust Chairman, another is managing the Permanent Way, both have put a lot of hours in to other areas. However there has still been regular work taking place on the diesel fleet, which both now benefit from being undercover in the shed following the winding up of the contract engineering business. Volunteers are now working as a combined Motive Power Depot team, supporting work on both steam and diesel locomotives. #

At the time of writing 5310, 31271 and 1566 are all fit for traffic. We are very grateful to A1A Locomotives for their continued support, 31271 is expected to remain with us for the foreseeable future. A new hire agreement with the Trust is being negotiated for 31271.

Saturday 4th September ended up as a landmark day, with the first diesel-hauled train under LR Trust operation taking place, when 5310 stood in for GWR 2-8-0 3802, which had developed a minor brake fault. The Type 2 performed well and the trip provided a good loaded proving run ahead of regular diesel-haulage returning later this month. Thanks to Rhys Lloyd for the photo. For those on Facebook, do please follow our Llangollen Diesel Group page, which is regularly updated.

Tez Pickthall.

No description available.
The first diesel-hauled service under the LR Trust, 5310 waits to cross the Class 108 at Goods Junction, standing in for 3802 on the last train of the day, Saturday 4th September. Photo by Rhys Lloyd.
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LDG Update on Llangollen Railway PLC Insolvency

Many will have already seen that the Llangollen Railway PLC invited its bank to appoint a receiver on Monday 1st March. This has unfortunately been on the cards for some time, with mounting losses and liabilities based around the Engineering Business. The pandemic has compounded the situation. If you have a look at the full press release on the LR website: https://www.llangollen-railway.co.uk/, this provides some clear reasoning behind why PLC receivership was regrettably unavoidable.

The recently (appointed October 2020) LR Board and LR Trust are hoping to be able to broker an agreement with The Receiver to continue to operate the railway in 2021. The LDG fully support to the Board and Trust in this endeavour and are providing all the support we can. We are ready to provide operational locomotives when and if required and one of our Group members joined the Board last year.

It is also worth confirming that both 5310 and 1566 are privately owned by the Llangollen Diesel Group and are not LR PLC property. We have also confirmed the position to A1A Locomotives Ltd and we are pleased that they also wish to continue to support the railway and continue to base 31271 in North Wales if at all possible.

Finally, I would also point any potential supporters to the link on the press release seeking donations to the LR Trust (here). The Trust is solvent and owns many key LR assets (including locomotives, stock and much of the track). There are however a number of PLC assets at risk, so the Trust would welcome additional funds in order to try and secure these, should this prove possible.

Thank you for everyone’s understanding and support at this very difficult time for the Llangollen Railway Family. A brief update about our locos:

5310 is now based undercover in Llangollen shed, following the departure of a number of locomotives and frames related to the failed LR Engineering contract business making room for the railway’s operational fleet.

1566 and 31271 are both stored in winterised condition and will be examined for reactivation in the coming weeks.

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A 26th on the 26th. Sound familiar?

With repairs to 5310 complete and light engine testing on the 18th of August so far proving successful, we are delighted to announce that our BRCW Type 2 should work her first public train service for over two years on the most appropriate date of Saturday 26th September 2020.

5310 at the Glyndyfrdwy outer home during light engine testing on August 18th.

This will also be the 11th anniversary of 5310’s first train on the Llangollen Railway way back in 2009. The 26 will work two return trips leaving Llangollen at 11:50 & 14:20 to Carrog only. A day rover fare for both trips is available. All proceeds from the day will go to keeping our wonderful railway running after a very difficult season indeed. Bookings need to me made in advance through the LR websitehttps://www.llangollen-railway.co.uk/timetables/?tt_month=09&tt_year=2020

A lot of work has been done to get 5310 ready and improve her general condition. Air leaks on the brake frame have been cured, a repaint and tidy up of both cabs and driver’s desks is underway and pipework to allow air to drain from the main reservoirs under the body rather than into the cabs has been reinstated. It’s nice to have the chance to attend to all these none-urgent tasks.

31271 – Sterling Service

31271 worked its last booked diagram for 2020 on the 26th of August. The loco has completed 6 full days in traffic in August, performing faultlessly throughout and continuing to be a credit to A1A Locomotives. She is seen below at a rather gloomy Carrog on the 19th of August, carrying a wreath in memorial to all those affected by the Stonehaven tragedy one week previously. 31271 remains available to cover for a steam locomotive failure if required, but with the onset of autumn and no further booked 2020 workings will soon be winterised again.

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Revised August Running

Following a review of both loadings on operating days completed and advanced bookings for those remaining, all further weekend diesel running dates are regrettably cancelled. This leaves Wednesday 19th and 26th of August as our remaining 2 days of diesel operation this year. 31271 is currently rostered for both of these. Make the most of her while you can! Booking details can be found on the LR Facebook page and website.

31271 continues to perform well and is seen below approaching Glyndyfrdwy on Wednesday 12th August. Thanks to Craig Jolley for the photo.

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