2023 Diesel Running Update

Please note that our site is no longer being updated regularly, but here is a brief update on 2023 running dates:

We are delighted to welcome Class 25 D7659 for a 2 month stay from July 18th to September18th courtesy of the Waterman Railway Heritage Trust.

Friday 28th & Saturday 29th JulyClass 25 D7659 debut (B timetable with steam).

On all B diagrams, the 25 works the 12:05 and 14:35 ex-Llan services.


Friday 4th (A timetable)

Saturday 5th August (B timetable with steam)

Saturday 12th August (B timetable with steam)

Saturday 19th August (B timetable with steam)

Friday 25th (A timetable)

Saturday 26th (B timetable with steam)


Friday 1st September (A timetable)

Saturday 2nd September (A timetable)

All non-gala turns (except 30th September) are currently rostered for Class 25 No D7659, subject to availability. 31271 will be standby, once a traction motor blower brush (the awkward one underneath the motor!) has been replaced.

Friday 15th-Sunday 17th September. Diesel Gala

This will see an A timetable on the 15th and then a 3 trains service on the 16th & 17th. Class 25 D7659, Class 31271 and Class 47 1566 should all be in traffic, subject to availability. Engine repairs to Class 26 5310 continue, with all heads, pistons and liners now. The 26 is expected to return to traffic before the end of the year.

Saturday 30th September. TBC

For 2024, regular updates about diesel running will be available on the LR website (including the new Member’s area for those who join the Llangollen Railway Trust) and also can also be found on the Llangollen Diesel Group and Unofficial Llangollen Railway Facebook pages.

Driver Experience Days are also now available again. Please visit here for more information and dates.

If you have any other queries or questions you can contact me at Press@llangollen-railway.co.uk.

Terry Pickthall, Head of Diesel Department, Llangollen Railway

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