LDG Update on Llangollen Railway PLC Insolvency

Many will have already seen that the Llangollen Railway PLC invited its bank to appoint a receiver on Monday 1st March. This has unfortunately been on the cards for some time, with mounting losses and liabilities based around the Engineering Business. The pandemic has compounded the situation. If you have a look at the full press release on the LR website: https://www.llangollen-railway.co.uk/, this provides some clear reasoning behind why PLC receivership was regrettably unavoidable.

The recently (appointed October 2020) LR Board and LR Trust are hoping to be able to broker an agreement with The Receiver to continue to operate the railway in 2021. The LDG fully support to the Board and Trust in this endeavour and are providing all the support we can. We are ready to provide operational locomotives when and if required and one of our Group members joined the Board last year.

It is also worth confirming that both 5310 and 1566 are privately owned by the Llangollen Diesel Group and are not LR PLC property. We have also confirmed the position to A1A Locomotives Ltd and we are pleased that they also wish to continue to support the railway and continue to base 31271 in North Wales if at all possible.

Finally, I would also point any potential supporters to the link on the press release seeking donations to the LR Trust (here). The Trust is solvent and owns many key LR assets (including locomotives, stock and much of the track). There are however a number of PLC assets at risk, so the Trust would welcome additional funds in order to try and secure these, should this prove possible.

Thank you for everyone’s understanding and support at this very difficult time for the Llangollen Railway Family. A brief update about our locos:

5310 is now based undercover in Llangollen shed, following the departure of a number of locomotives and frames related to the failed LR Engineering contract business making room for the railway’s operational fleet.

1566 and 31271 are both stored in winterised condition and will be examined for reactivation in the coming weeks.

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