Shunter Shuttle Capacity

Further to feedback received from a number of folk, we need to make the following announcement:

There is a 30 minute timetable in operation, so the shunters need to recess in the neck at Llan between workings. This is a very short spur, which can only just fit the van and two EE shunters in. As a result, we cannot increase capacity, nor can we rewrite the timetable at such short notice.

So, I’m afraid capacity stands at 10 folk per trip. We will have a steward to hand to try and sort out fair allocation of turns. We will have sign up sheets available first thing Saturday and Sunday morning for folk in possession of a ticket to put their name down for a trip. We will not be accepting multiple rides, unless there proves to be spare capacity.

Before folk ask, we looked at mainline running and other alternatives, but they didn’t fly with the timetable, track constraints at Llan and other locos. Many hours have been put into planning the timetable, and it’s impossible to make it all things to all men. The current situation is the best we are able to do.

We can’t guarantee you will get a ride if demand is high, so if folk are planning to travel a long way with the specific aim of bagging them, the earlier you can get to Llan to put your name down, the better the chance. We won’t be offended if you decide the shunter trips at the NeneValley or Swindon & Cricklade are a safer bet!

We hope this doesn’t see too many disappointed, but we think it’s important to manage expectations now, rather than see folk let down on the day.

Tez Pickthall

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