D1566: not available as under repair

D1566 will unfortunately not now be available for the diesel weekend as the repairs required to the cooling circuit are too extensive. The phots below shows the radiators being prepared for removal and an example of the corrosion that we’re dealing with. Thanks to David D for the photos

The job will now be done thoroughly over the Winter and we may also take the opportunity to attend some other issues that we have lived with on the loco for some time.

Sorry to disappoint Folk who were hoping to come along for a spin behind her, but this decision is the best for the long term future of D1566. We will aim to put her on display at the gates by the reception road so she can be viewed from the shed car park, as will 03162

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One Response to D1566: not available as under repair

  1. Jack Bowley says:

    I wish you the best of luck getting the green back up and running