Getting close

6940 has now received 2 coats of blue on most of the body and the frames are now being attended to. We have also rectified a frustrating electrical problem which reared its head on Monday evening – a most inconvenient situation after the loco has run faultlessly each time she has been tested over the last couple of months. We found a bolt had gone astray from the CCO switch in No 2 end and  then helpfully become lodged in a contactor attached to the brake changeover switch! This caused the main CCB to trip when we tried to open the desks. Two days to trace, 20 secs to fix! All sorted now and as I type she’s out in the yard and shunting stock. Welcome back old girl!

We’ll keep you posted how things go with regards to her being fit for traffic at the weekend. In the meantime, check these out:

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2 Responses to Getting close

  1. Ian Moore says:

    Looking Good ….

  2. Tom Shilliam says:

    Welcome back you beast!

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