D5310 Driver Experience Available on 3rd of July

We have one return driver experience trip available on D5310 next Saturday, 3rd July due to a cancellation. The cost is £210. Please get in touch through the contact us section if you are interested.

It’s a good day out! With a Type 2 you get the opportunity to drive the loco at more or less full power for two miles climbing Berwyn Bank to Glyn, including a deafening storm through the single bore Berwyn tunnel.

To whet your appetitie, here’s a picture of Col undertaking driver training on her last weekend during our running day – that smile says it all! If you liked the cockpits of the Thunderbirds, then you’ll love D5310’s cab – big shiny levers, oversized lights that flash, swivelly vinyl chairs – it’s even green like TB2!

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