Headcode boxes ahoy!

The marker light panels on 6940 have been cut out and original style headcode windows have been fitted today, as the picture below shows. Cheers to Iain Ross for the photo.

The Group plan to auction the cut out marker light panels to the highest bidder. There is likely to be some interest from amongst our own members for them to adorn their garage walls with, but if you would like to make a bid for a little piece of 37 history, then please drop me a line by e-mail at publicity@llangollendieselgroup.org.uk with a maximum bid. All proceeds will go towards funding kit and materials for her bodywork overhaul – including the glazing and rubbers you see above, so it’s much better than buying a flame cut panel from a scrapper – the funds are going to keeping the engine you’ve got bits from in traffic!


Tez Pickthall

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