Dee Valley Thunder Returns!

We are very pleased to report that 37240 is up and running again. She was successfully started for the first time this year following extensive repairs to the radiators and cooling system. A large crack was found in one radiator manifold which has required new plate to be welded in place. The radiators were returned to a cleaned and freshly painted radiator room last weekend. Various hoses and gaskets have also been replaced.

The repaired and repainted rads await lifting, Sunday 28th March.

Below we see two photos of the heavily cleaned and repainted rad room. Much grot was attacked in here!

The rads are gently lowered back into the bay by the steady hands of Colonel P at the controls of the crane.

After filling her up with water, we left 240 for a week to settle down and see if all was well in the coolant system. In the meantime Messrs Ross and Cooper made a successful trip to Barrow Hill with our oval buffers and ploughs, exchanging them for a set of original pattern round Oleo buffers and guard irons.

Below we see the buffers after unloading (many thanks to HNRC for their help with this). On Sunday 4th April, the buffers and guard irons were fitted (they needed some gentle persuasion, which was provided by, believe it or not, a Landrover Discovery!).

The loco is then seen at Pentrefelin in the company of D5310 and ‘Pilks’ and sporting her new ironwork. Shortly afterwards, with the coolant system appearing watertight, Col hit the start button and she fired up first time!

After further checks and the last service train of the day was back at Llangollen, 37240 made a successful test run to Glyn and back, hauling D5310 as insurance. She performed well, much to everyone’s relief. Attention will now turn to the bodywork, headcode boxes, buffer beam cowls and a smart coat of BR Blue.

Watch this space for a date of her return to public service – we hope it won’t be too long !


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