A busy weekend

We have been hard at work on 37240 this weekend, continuing with the EE Type 3’s bodywork overhaul. A section of bodyside under the radiator room floor (a notorious rot spot on 37’s) has been cut out and replaced with new steelwork. The plate was rolled to shape before fitting so it matches the curvature of the body and then welded into place – a top job by Mr Ross. 


 Sanding, flatting and priming has taken place on one side of the loco to prepare it for final painting into BR Blue. More welding is required on the other side before it can get similar treatment. Below we see Steve ‘Slewy’ Jones in attack mode with the sanding wheel.

Work is also underway to clean and prepare the radiator room for a coat of paint whilst the radiators are removed for repairs. A large crack was found in the manifold of one bank and this is being repaired for us by the LR Engineering Department. Below we see Andy and Vic at work in the radiator room complete with mood lighting. It’s not normally this spacious – or clean – or quiet – in here!

37240 now resembles a patchwork quilt as can be seen below as she is hauled out of the shed by D5310, but the final result will be well worth the thorough preparation.

Meanwhile D5310 was out working a four trip ECS driver training special today. She performed perfectly and allowed one of the railway’s staff to get some traction knowledge so he can use the loco for ‘thunderbird’ duties at short notice.

The BRCW Type 2 is seen leaving River Sidings in the morning and then crossing Pannier No 6430 at Glyndyfrdwy in the afternoon.

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