D5310 brings Scottish weather to Wales!

Happy new year Folks! D5310 was due to work a  series of crew training trips today, however the adverse weather during the week led to the Group deciding not to go ahead with them. With more snow and ice forecast and a lot of snow already in the Dee Valley, all services on the railway ended up being cancelled this weekend. However this did not stop several members of the Group being on site today to inspect the fleet.

Having spent a working life surrounded by plenty of snow and cold weather North of the border, D5310 was not phased by the big freeze  and started without any problems.  She then worked an inspection trip to Berwyn tunnel to examine the line and clear the enormous icicles which always form in the tunnel during such conditions.

Thanks to Simon Searle for the photos. First we see the 26 on arrival at Berwyn.

Then cautiously approaching the tunnel….

And with good reason, my word:

And if you thought they were impressive, check these out on the Chain Bridge. By ‘eck!

D1566 and 37240 are fully drained down, with the 47 appearing fine. Unfortunately 37240 looks to have sustained further damage from the cold, the pipe gaskets which failed last year looking to have forced their way out of the joints again. Another job to do while the radiators are being repaired.

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