37240 Radiator Lift

The radiators were removed from 37240 last Sunday in order to repair the corrosion damage that is causing the loco to lose water. In order to remove a 37’s radiators,  the roof section containing the radiator fan must first be removed. The bolts on the roof section came out OK, but those holding 240’s rads down proved a little more stubborn (lord knows when they were last removed), so a bit of gentle persuasion was required in the form of Mr Perry and a gas axe. In scenes more reminiscent of Booths of Rotheram, 240’s rad room was left filled with metal smoke! The difficult bit was keeping Mr Perry from carrying on ; >.


Next, the fan module was lifted clear using the crane:

With the roof section removed the radiators then followed suit and are seen ready to be moved into the shed for repair and being beautifully modelled by Messrs Smales, Evans and Jones. Rad VEG!

The empty radiator room – which will now be cleaned and painted.

Cheers to Colin “Bryn, where are my keys” Cooper for the phots.

Tez Pickthall

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