46010: New Home Announced

We’re pleased to be able to confirm that Class 46 No 46010 will soon be moving to a new home at the Great Central Railway (North), at Ruddington, Leicestershire. The announcement (along with lots more information about this impressive heritage line) can be found here:

We can also confirm that the ‘Peak’  will be cared for by a new owning group; The Western 46 Group, formed of 4 former members of the LDG. The new group takes its name from the fact that 46010 is the only surviving Western Region allocated class 46 ‘Peak’, having been allocated to Plymouth Laira depot until being withdrawn for storage at Swindon in 1980.

The Group have launched a new website for the loco. Have a look at http://46010.co.uk

The Western 46 Group will be looking for plenty of additional support in the future, so please have a look at their website and register your interest. The LDG hopes to retain close links with the Group and it goes without saying that we wish them every success at their new home.

Whilst the LDG are very sad to see 46010 leave the railway, we’re happy that she’s going to the GCRN along with a very dedicated bunch of supporters who will secure her future. The GCRN is an excellent railway and being and ex-main line, she will look most at home working there. The presence of an NR connection should also allow her to visit other heritage lines in the future, something that has not been possible while she has been at Llan.

The loco was scheduled to leave Llangollen on Monday 23rd November, but we’ve just heard that roadworks in Cheshire has delayed this. Further updates will be made when we know the revised departure date.

Tez Pickthall, Publicity Officer

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