Work Starts on D5310

A belated happy new year to all our supporters. After a busy end to 2018, 2019 continues to find us plenty to do on our fleet. Discussions are ongoing to find a partner to allow us to lift and repair D5310. We are hopeful of being able to make a positive announcement about this very soon.

In the meantime we have been kindly given a space in Pentrefelin carriage shed to carry out some much-needed body work on the loco. She moved undercover on Monday 21st January. Body sanding has started in earnest, with one side around 2/3 complete by Tuesday 22nd. A leaking windscreen at No 2 end has also been removed for seal replacement and some metalwork.

Considering the loco was last painted at the end of 2005 at the Great Central Railway, the paintwork has stood up extremely well, although there wasn’t much of it left on this side of the loco, which faces the river valley and most of the daytime sun. The metal underneath is largely in excellent condition for a 60 year old locomotive, with previous repairs also holding up very well. Some filling will be required around the radiator grille and on the GRP doors.

We will carry out a basic renovation to make her more presentable when she heads off on her travels for repair. The full yellow ends will remain as is and the bodysides will be repainted in plain green without the white stripe or window surrounds. Whilst this was not a livery variation carried by D5310, it was carried by another class member in the 70’s. It was applied in a similar vain – to tidy up badly weathered bodysides. She will carry the number 5310 to represent pre-TOPs condition. Provided traction motor repairs are successful we will then carry out a full repaint and further bodywork in the winter of 2019 or 20 and return her to original BR green, initially without any yellow warning panels.

The sign of things to come! The D has been sanded off leaving just the numbers – how she will be numbered during her temporary repaint into plain BR green with full yellow ends.
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