6940 Back on NR Metals

6940 left Llangollen on Monday 17th December on an Allelys low loader. This was the first time she had left NR metals since her arrival in Wales back in 2002. This was a rather sad occasion for us all and even the old girl herself seemed reluctant to leave, her guard irons needing removal when they dug into the cinders as she was winched up the ramp onto the enormous trailer provided for her transport. She is seen below loaded safely on the trailer, which is turning round in the Eistedffod Ground car park to head out of Llangollen. Photo by Mark Smales

6940 leaves Llangollen for one final time. Photo by Mark Smales

She arrived at her new home the following morning and is seen here shortly after arrival at Boden Rail Engineering’s Eastcroft Depot in Nottingham in the company of a Class 56 (and possibly a Class 67). This is the first time 240 has been on mainline-connected NR metals in 16 years. We look forward to seeing her head through that (open!) gate in the future! With thanks to Neil Boden for the photo. We wish him all the best with his slightly early Christmas present.

6940 after arrival at Eastcroft TMD on 18th December 2018. Photo by Neil Boden

This concludes the chapter in the life of 37240 as the “Beast of Berwyn”, for now at least. We are sad to bring it to a close, but equally excited to see what her future holds and wish her owner as much enjoyment as we’ve had (alongside the blood, filth and sweat!).

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