6940 for Sunday 7th May

6940 will work our first timetabled running day of the year on Sunday 7th May. The 37 will work the 10:40, 1pm and 15:10 trains from Llangollen and work through to Corwen. Photo by Mark Riley in June 2015. Let’s hope for similar weather and an enjoyable day in of 12CVST thunder in the Dee Valley. The usual excellent refreshments will be available from the Station café at Llagollen and Carrog Station tearooms. Thrash, tea, bacon butties and cake – could it get any better?

The loco was successfully put through a fitness-to-run exam on the evening of Tuesday 25th April. This is seen underway in the photo below. There were enough working members present to allow work to continue on 1566, which had developed another water leak after its test run. Some elderly jubilee clips rusted through on a hose, a fairly simple problem to sort. We were also fairly sure the 47 was low on power and a check of the control air pressure with the power controllers fully open at both ends showed we were right – barely half the pressure required was reaching the governor. The fault was soon found – an air leak from the power cut-off valve, which we have replaced with a spare. Full power was immediately returned and we look forward to seeing her loading up properly on her next run.

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