Battery Appeal & Successful Working Weekend

We are pleased to announce the launch of our Sponsor a Cell Appeal.


Batteries have now been ordered for D5310, 6940 & 1566, bringing the prospect of seeing 3 working locomotives at Llangollen next year a big step closer. This investment has cost the LDG a five figure sum. Financial assistance of any amount would therefore be welcomed. Donations of £100 or more will receive a free ticket to travel on a Llangollen diesel running day and an LDG loco mug as a small token of our appreciation. Our mugs feature 6940 or D1566, please note D5310 is not available.




Thank you for your help!

Working Weekend, 5th & 6th of March

There was a superb turn out for our working weekend. 12 members were present on the Saturday, both old and new and there was also some great and enthusiastic help from the Railway’s  Youth Group. Good progress was made on reassembling 1566’s power unit, with the cylinder heads and water pipes all refitted.

1566 is seen out of the shed for the first time since October 2015 to…….

2016-03-05 08.54.41

…..allow Mark’s superb and recently restored 1980-vintage Unimog road-rail crane to lift the refurbished cylinder heads into place – steady as she goes Chief!

2016-03-05 09.33.45

The coolant circuit was filled on Sunday for testing, with a number of leaks identified that will require rectification before the engine can be run for the first time in nearly 4 years after withdrawal in July 2012. Mark, Matt and Paul are seen with their handiwork on the Saturday evening, note how little space there is either side of the power unit in the engine room, making for rather cosy working conditions.


Pete Coole and George Williams were also busy in the old boiler room, with trademark scraper and paint at the ready to give this part of the loco a much-needed tidy up. Cries of Pete’s trademark “GET OUT!” could be heard being bellowed at anyone approaching with mucky boots!

2016-03-05 16.42.24

With plenty of bodies to hand, but not enough room inside D1566 for us all to work on it, a major sort and tidy of the Group’s two stores vans was also completed. A large proportion of our spares pool was lifted out of the vans, sorted and categorised. Longer term store items are now all in one van, with the other having tooling and consumable spares arranged on new wracking. There’s still more sorting needed, but the van is now much tidier and we can even see the work bench again!

2016-03-05 17.27.53

We also considered using the new wracking for a boutique LDG B&B…….

2016-03-05 15.34.10

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