Fun in the sun with ‘The Welsh Scotsman’

A big thank you to the folk who turned out to support D5310’s public debut yesterday. Her busy four trip schedule went well, the only minor gremlin being a few brief engine shutdowns. This has been traced to a grumpy enclosed contactor in the electrical cubicle, which does not seem to like the vibration caused by passing over one particular rail joint when travelling down Berwyn Bank! The relay will be removed for cleaning and checking in due course.

With all of her owners in preservation present, and several others who put a lot of work into her overhaul at Bo’ness, our new recruit proudly looked and sounded the part as she ran through the Autumnal colours of the Dee Valley hauling a 5 coach train, including the railway’s new GWR Observation Saloon. This lovely vehicle is available for private hire.

Here’s a couple of my photos of her at work during the day, first reversing the stock into Llangollen:

And running round in the wonderful Autumn sunshine at Carrog

And here’s some video footage  (watch your speaker volume for the tunnel horn-o-thon):

Best wishes

Tez Pickthall

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