A Challenging Weekend

The Classic Transport Weekend was blessed with incredibly hot weather, a superb line up of buses and classic cars and plenty of visitors, however it also proved a serious operational challenge for both the LDG and Llangollen Railway.

A power failure in Llangollen saw Goods Junction signal box without electricity for both days, meaning pilotman working had to be introduced between Llangollen and Glyndyfrdwy.

Regrettably problems were also experienced with both 6940 and D5310. The 37 completed two round trips without incident but then blew two compressor fuses whilst being made ready for the third and final trip. Whilst the loco could have completed the run on one compressor (the loco has two), it was felt too much of a risk to operate the train without the back up of both being available. With little time available to investigate why the fault was occuring, the difficult decision was taken to fail the locomotive. We suspect one compressor had overheated, exacerbated by the very hot weather, and will be checking the compressor thoroughly and ensuring the air filters etc are all fully clear before using 6940 again.

7822 “Foxcote Manor” covered the 37’s delayed final diagram and we were then asked if D5310 could then take the final service of the day. The 26 had already been prepped and FTR’d as back up and in readiness for use the followin day, so we were happy to do this. Unfortunately the Type 2 then failed on arrival at Glyndyfrdwy to drop off the pilotman, with loss of power. Despite various attempts to restore power, she wouldn’t budge, a most frustrating and worrying end to an already difficult day. We will be carrying out a thorough investigation on the loco’s power circuit this week and hope that the problem is not serious.

Two pieces of positive news can also be reported. First was that we have added a new driver to our ranks. Pete Coole was passed out successfully on Saturday – many congratulations to Pete. With a major signalling failure, timetable changes and two locomotive failures to deal with on his first turn, Pete’s skills really couldn’t have been tested any more rigorously! Thanks to Bryn Jones for the photo.

Second was that we had our sales stand in action on the platform at Glyndyfrdwy. Tom, Paul, Chris and Bryn did a sterling job despite being baked in the sun all day. Thanks to Paul Williams for the photo.

Further updates about the availability of both D5310 and 6940 for 60’s weekend on the 27th and 28th July will be provided as soon as possible.

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