6940 Back in Beastly Business

‎6940’s leaking air pipe has now been repaired and was refitted yesterday. The location of the pipe in question can be seen in the photo below – under the cab doorway. The linkage you can see with the chain attached connects the handbrake wheel to the bogie brake gear.


The photo below shows a close up on the repair, complete with new white paint. As good as new, if not better thanks to modern welding equipment!


The locomotive was then started. The Arctic weather of the previous few days saw plenty of cold-start smoke until the power unit warmed through. A heater has been placed in the engine room this week to avoid any frost damage after refilling the coolant system earlier this month.


With a fitness to run exam complete, the locomotive then undertook a successful twilight test run to Glyndyfrdwy with D5310 as insurance, with some obligatory “great, there’s an engine running, can you just move…” shunting to boot.

D5310 and 6940 are now therefore confirmed for the 23rd March Diesel Day. Well done to all those who have worked very hard to make this possible through another pretty challenging Winter.

Many thanks to Peter Edwards for the gen and photos and to all members of the Group who have pitched in to make this happen.

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