The Beast has stirred!

Another successful working day was held on Saturday 2nd March. The main focus was to de-winterise Class 37 6940. First on the list was to reconnect and charge the batteries followed by reassembling and filling the stripped down and drained coolant system. The photo below shows the main engine coolant pipe that runs around the base of the power unit after being put back together with new gaskets. Having wrestled with the heavy and cumbersome cast sections myself in previous years, I can confirm it’s not as easy as it has been made to look here!

DSC_0366 [1600x1200]

Next on the list was a power unit oil level check and top-up followed by a thorough examination of the electrical cubicle to ensure all relays and contactors were free to close. Finally both the main generator commutator and brushes were carefully examined. With all well, it was time to put the batteries in, run the oil pump and press engine start. The 1,750hp 12CSVT power unit started at the first attempt.

DSC_0378 [1600x1200]With air pressure built up, the refurbished bogie brake cylinders were checked for leaks. Whilst all was well with these, a leak was found in the air supply pipe from the compressors just under the A side No.1 end cab door. The corroded pipe has been removed for repair, a fairly minor issue which will be fixed well before the 23rd March running day. The loco took power successfully, indicating the electrical systems were all in order as we thought.

D5310 was also started and used for shunting 6940 down the ramp to Goods Junction, where we start the 37 to avoid cold-start smoke causing a nuisance to local residents.

Thanks are due to the healthy turn out of volunteers who turned up to get the job done and to Pete Edwards for organising the work and taking the photos.We are now seeing such  numbers that two members of the Group were able to tackle some overhanging branches and remove litter from the back of the diesel road, a rather unglamorous but long overdue job.

The timetable for the March 23rd Diesel Day will soon be available. Trains are still expected to run between Llangollen and Glyndyfrdwy only with D5310 and 6940 both now expected to be available. We look forward to seeing you there!

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