Winter Preparation – 10th November 2012

6940 is now ready for the cold weather. The coolant circuit has been drained and the water pumps and oil cooler primed with 50/50 antifreeze. The battery terminals have also been disconnected and bagged. The rad room and the fan grill is protected by a tarpaulin. The loco will needs a good steam-clean of the bedplate and and a general clean of the walkways, engine and pipework at the free end before reactivating in the Spring. Thanks to Pete Edwards for the photo below, which shows the disconnected oil cooler.

D5310 was started with no problems and some diagnosis done on the problem of the intermittent fault with the radiator fan. The temperature sensor switches were all found to be working, the next step will be to check the thermostats are set right when the coolant is is warm enough to calibrate them.

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