37240 successfully worked her morning drivers experience trip on Saturday 5th September. The photo below shows her powering away from Goods Junction (thanks to Si Searle for this cracking shot):

Unfortunately, she then failed half way through her first public trip with low water and oil pressure. Our apologies to disappoint those that turned up to support us. The Group has put a lot of work into trying to get the loco back into traffic after numerous niggling faults, mostly resulting from a long period of inactivity. Although she has been tested light engine and run up twice during the week, a loaded test run had not been possible.

We’ve yet to find out if the reasons behind her low water and oil pressure are serious. The loco will not work another public train on the line until we are confident she can perform reliably.

Moving on to more positive news, D5310 should arrive at Llangollen next week, with 25313 leaving Llangollen on the 7th September. We’re all very much looking forward to the 26’s debut running day on the 26th of September.

Best wishes

Tez Pickthall, Publicity Officer

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