All hands to the Sulzer pump for 60’s Weekend!

Updated details on our 30th and 31st July 1960’s weekend can be found here.

We’re delighted to announce that Class 47 D1566 successfully took power and moved around the yard at Llangollen yesterday – a great result for all who have been working very hard on the loco over the year to get her reactivated. David Dawson’s photo below shows the Type 4 at River Sidings in the company of YE 0-4-0 “Pilkington” before she was started. There were some big smiles when the ammeter bounced for the first time since September 2009 and the loco later hauled a dead D5310 back to shed.

We’re not quite there yet though; the loco will currently only take power from No 2 end, so we have a few more classic Brush Type 4 faults to attend to, along with a brake valve problem. We do however remain confident these can be resolved in time for the loco to operate at our 60’s weekend.

All being well, D1566 will top and tail with Class 37 6940 on the last trip of next Saturday’s 4 trip running day in order to give her a loaded test run with the insurance of another loco present. Watch this space later in the week for final confirmation.

Elsewhere on what was a very productive day for the Group, D5310’s recent problems with low oil pressure on starting have been resolved, with a jammed pressure relief being found as the culprit. All is now well, and a healthy oil pressure reading is quickly achieved from the triple pump. She went on to perform a mammoth 4 loco shunt – as David Dawson’s photo below shows. Dreadful!


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