Llangollen echoes to the sound of a 12LDA once more!

D1566 was successfully started and run for half an hour today after completion of repairs to the radiator system. A video of the start up is here (please note contains the odd naughty word (other than Sulzer) – sorry, but we were very excited):

A few false starts and ‘Das Boot-like’ scenes traced the few remaining leaks, including the pipe popping on the line to the water pressure gauge. The coolant system is now watertight and the power unit ran well.

We’re still way off being able to move the loco under her own power as some electrical issues have come to light. Nothing appears to be too serious, most resulting from a lengthy period out of use through two nasty winters. A few contactors and relays will need removal for a bit of TLC, but the Group are delighted with todays start up and remain confident that there will be 12LDA action in the Dee Valley for our 60’s weekend on 30th and 31st July.

Paul William’s photo below shows the Type 4 on the ramp at Goods Junction ticking over:

We’ll continue to update Folk in the usual places with further progress. Watch this space for a video of the start up coming soon, courtesy of drive cooper. Further photos have also been added to the D1566 2011 overhaul page.

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