Traction change for 18th June Running Day

The 4 trip diagram on June the 18th will be worked by Class 37 6940 in place of D5310 for operational reasons as we try and start to even up engine hours and wear on our fleet now we have two locos serviceable again. D5310 will remain available as standby.

More of this! Thanks to Mark Riley for the photo.

D5310 will still be used for the 9th July diagram, at the 60’s Weekend on 30th and 31st July and at the Autumn Diesel Day on 24th September – so there’s still plenty of Type 2 haulage to come this year!

And a little bit longer to wait for more of this! D5310 on the SVR, Sat 21st May, photo by Paul Dawson.

It is also hoped that Class 47 D1566 will be ready for a start up in the next 2-3 weeks, so she’s on track for appearing at the 60’s weekend too. More news as and when it’s available.

Once again, we are sorry to disappoint our Sulzer faithful for the 18th, but hope we will see you with renewed enthusiasm for 6LDA (complete with the exhaust port the other way round) on the 9th July.

Many thanks

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