6940 & Diesel Day: Update – 14th March

The post-winter inspection of Class 37 6940 found a problem which was initially thought severe enough to prevent the locomotive from taking part in the March Diesel Day and subsequent April running days.

We are very relieved to update you that the fault has now been traced to a few faulty elements in the locomotive’s heat exchanger. This has already been removed, the faulty tubes sealed and the unit reinstalled. An oil change is now required and we are hopeful that the locomotive will still be available for the 26th March, subject to there being no further issues resulting from the severe 2010 winter or other faults found when the locomotive is started and FTR’d.

There is further good news on Class 31 5580, the locomotive was successfully started at Elsecar yesterday and now just requires a final check that all is well after standing for a couple of days following running. The locomotive is scheduled to be transported to Llangollen at the end of this week.

The event timetable will be published very soon.

Tez Pickthall

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