Mid-Week Working Party

Some images from David Dawson of further work taking place on the fleet today. D1556 has received a much-needed wash and polish along with a thorough assessment of the condition of the bodywork in preparation for an overhaul and repaint over the next few months. Radiator repairs will also be continuing soon with the aim of having the loco back in traffic by the middle of next year.

First we see Colin ‘Mr Mop’ Cooper scrubbing away:

And then a view of Llangollen TMD. Or could it be Haymarket in the late 60’s?

6940 is now fully drained down and winterised, including removal of the heat exchanger bung plugs and unfastening of the main engine cooling pipe – both areas that have been subject to frost damage in the last two winters, with the aim of preventing further problems next year.

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